Luxury House Tour | A Grand Historical Superyacht Reborn

Since her story began in 1931, this historical superyacht, MY Marala has seen it all. From hosting the creme-de-la-creme of the martini-swilling elite to sinking German U-boats during its time with the Royal Navy, her beautifully restored deck has been witness to the likes of Salvador Dali, Amelia Earhart and legendary socialite Alexis, Baron de Rede. Over the last few years, her extensive restoration undertaken by Muza Lab has been a true labour of love. Subsequently, each detail of her original design and famed history has been meticulously researched and translated through Muza Lab’s laser-sharp design lens to restore one of the high sea’s most impressive vessels. 

The primary design principle that guided this in-depth project was to pay glorious homage to the gilded age of Art Deco, alongside Marala’s own original design as much as possible. Marala’s streamlined armature emphasises her long horizontal lines, giving a sleek and modern foundation to build upon. Furthermore, an Art Deco-inspired monochromatic colour scheme reigns throughout the interior drapery and upholstery, complete with a regal pop of Blue Savoia, drawing inspiration from historical ownership by Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy. 

There are references to Marala’s history in each cabin, tied in through moulding detail, textiles, and carpets, with every cabin denoting an individual era of a past owner. For example, cabin No. 388 has been guided right back to its original spec, incorporating waxed linen upholstered wall panels and a 1930s pattern woven into the carpet. 

Gatsby-esque glamour is dialled up in the main deck areas — including its skylight, exquisite straw marquetry, and a working fireplace — taking inspiration from Marala’s original design. Above all, this focus on timeless craftsmanship inspired Davidson’s contribution to this impressive superyacht, where in the dining room a bespoke Hamilton dining table takes centre stage. Consequently, the dramatic radial star pattern is created by meticulously joining hundreds of pieces of Macassar Ebony veneer together. 

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The Rivington Dining Table
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The Althorpe Dining TableAlthorpe Dining Table and Senley Chairs. Interior Design by ND Studios
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“Working with Marala is a true adventure, a voyage of joy. A superyacht full of surprises. As each act unfolds, she unveils more secrets and more stories. She wants to be discovered — to be known.”

Nathan Hutchins, Co-Founder of Muza Lab 

Muza Lab

Muza Lab, founded by Inge Moore and Nathan Hutchins in 2016, creates multi-faceted hotels, superyachts, luxury developments, and private residential projects. Their designs are tactile, interwoven with the tales of their surroundings; every dimension of a space is meticulously crafted to enchant and inspire. 

With a global outlook and a heartfelt commitment to artistry, storytelling, and discovery, the team infuses each project with intuitive creativity at every level, delving into each location to discover the legends, culture, sensations, and quirks that make it special.

Muza Lab’s most notable projects include: Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro; Peru’s Andean Explorer; Mandarin Oriental Residences, Barcelona; Eagle Island Lodge, Botswana; Finolhu Baa Atoll, Maldives; Kanuhura Resort, Maldives; Rocco Forte, Shanghai; plus numerous residences for private clients. 


Interior Design by Muza Lab

Photography by Richard James Taylor & Stuart Pearce

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