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Alexandra Davidson
Managing Director

Managing Director, Alexandra Davidson, began her successful career at DAVIDSON over 22 years ago after spending time at established PR agency Halpern working alongside many of the worlds leading lifestyle, interiors and fashion brands.    

With an open-minded and personable approach to running a business, Alexandra is able to take charge with her passionate drive and focus while simultaneously attending to the needs, wants, and expectations of both people and the company.

Her natural positivity and energy have allowed her to expertly steer DAVIDSON through periods of uncertainty, ensuring that the company maintains its standing as the go-to destination for high-end British luxury furniture, while her experience, passion, and drive are complemented by an intuitive grasp of aesthetics.

Alexandra has successfully navigated a path that allows her to fulfil the demands of both a family and work, expertly juggling different commitments and developing the flexibility required to surmount obstacles.  Maintaining unwavering focus with a strong entrepreneurial vision, she strives to create a company culture that priorities people as well as passion – a mindset that generates long-lasting real results. Alexandra works with her husband, mother, father and sister and can still manage to sit around a table at the weekend with them for lunch and enjoy herself.  This is what she describes as true success.


For PR, podcast and public speaking bookings and enquires please contact gabrielle@davidsonlondon.com.

About Davidson | Alexandra Davidson, Managing Director
About Davidson | Richard Davidson, Chairman & Design Director

Richard Davidson
Chairman & Design Director

Founding the company back in 1986 with Deirdre Davidson, Richard Davidson’s love for and belief in the power of design, as well his entrepreneurial spirit, were the original forces behind the incredible success and peerless reputation the company enjoys today. 

His passion for great design was seeded during his early career as an antique dealer for Ayer & Company in Mayfair, working alongside leading dealers in central London. Under the tutelage of Nat Ayer—at the time, President of the British Antique Dealers’ Association—and surrounded by exquisite examples of 18th-century English furniture, Richard learned to recognise and appreciate truly high-quality design. He continued to expand his awareness and knowledge of impeccable craftsmanship with stints at both Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Then, in 1974, he decided to take his now expert understanding of antique furniture and venture out on his own, starting his own business. He spent the next twenty years scouring the UK and Europe for the most noteworthy and elegant furniture to meet the demands of clients in both London and New York. During this time, he became the youngest ever person to be elected to the British Antique Dealers’ Association. 

The process of restoring individual pieces gave Richard invaluable insight into the construction and design principles of high-end furniture. This, combined with his encyclopedic understanding of antiques, gave him the know-how and confidence to launch his own furniture business in 1986, alongside his partner Deirdre. The company was soon thriving and, with premises in Mount Street in Mayfair within a few years, business looked set to boom. Today, with the company celebrating more than 30 years of creating luxury furniture for the world’s most exclusive clients, Richard continues to lend his discerning eye to Davidson projects, ensuring the company’s standing as a bastion of high-end British furniture.

Claudia Davidson

Claudia Davidson joined the family business in 2010 and is now Company Director, a role which demands a deep understanding of the client experience and an eye for excellence. 

Claudia joined the company after developing her business skills with jobs at both Tatler Magazine and House & Garden. Her creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and intuitive grasp of what clients need quickly made her an invaluable asset to the business. 

Overseeing company activities and operations, she has played a pivotal role in Davidson’s success in serving globally renowned interior design companies and bringing unique style to the homes of VIPs around the world. Her role ensures a streamlined progression of projects from conception to completion and she is at ease in the fast-paced and innovative environment of design, taking joy and delight in bringing client dreams to life. 

Claudia has proven her natural business acumen and commitment to outstanding design year after year. Her professional approach and eagerness to cater to diverse client demands have helped Davidson hold its position as one of the country’s leading luxury furniture design businesses and have been a determining factor in the company’s many inspiring projects around the world.

About Davidson | Claudia Davidson, Director
About Davidson | Matthew Hepburn, Sales Director

Matthew Hepburn
Sales Director

As Sales Director at Davidson, Matthew Hepburn is charged with expanding the Davidson client base and driving company growth initiatives. A talented communicator with a natural ability to stay calm under pressure, his enthusiasm and diligence allow him to skillfully fulfil the demands of the role. 

As the husband of Alexandra Davidson, his investment in the company goes beyond just a job and he is leading the business function at Davidson to new heights with his geniality and ability to inspire trust. 

Matthew began his career working alongside global organisations such as Ericsson and Nokia where he headhunted individuals for premium positions around the world and developed an impressive track record brokering high-worth commercial contracts. 

His career took a change in 2017 after his marriage to Managing Director, Alexandra, with whom his hard-working ethos and ambition were a natural match. They decided to join forces, combining their creative and entrepreneurial energies. 

Matthew has brought fresh dynamism to the family team at Davidson with his inquisitive and outgoing personality, building strong and productive connections with clients with his faith in the power of an old-fashioned high-touch relationship. 

Today, Matthew’s role as Sales Director sees him successfully hunting out new opportunities for business growth not only in London but around the globe. Like the rest of the Davidson family, his patience, perseverance, and passion for furniture are making the company the ultimate destination for elevated design experiences. 


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