5 Ways to Increase Productivity When Working at Home

What interior design choices can increase productivity when working remotely? How can you transform your home office into a space that encourages creativity, imagination, and satisfaction? How can you continue to be productive and enjoy a stress-free working day while working at home? Can you create an environment that is conducive to both efficiency and inspiration? 

It is commonly accepted that our environment has a huge impact on our mindset. Aesthetics affect both our emotions and our decision-making abilities. Trying to get through work in a cramped study with little natural light, in between boxes full of clutter, is hardly going to permit top performance. 

So, here are our top tips for curating a study that will make you want to knuckle down and achieve your goals.

The Eclipse Home office in High gloss shadow grey anegre
The Eclipse Home Office

Choose A Desk That’s Tailor Made

The desk is the focal point of the room and your chance to make a statement, setting the tone for the rest of the space. What atmosphere are you trying to create? Cosy and traditional? Or cool and contemporary? DAVIDSON’s Wellington Desk is the epitome of airy sophistication. Its clean-lined silhouette is ideal for encouraging a focused and calm mind. Ample storage allows the desk to meet all functional criteria while the high-gloss sycamore finish is hand-tinted to an impeccably smart tone of grey. 

But if you’re going to get any serious work done, you need to be sitting at a desk that fulfils your needs. And no one employee is the same. We all have our individual preferences and working styles. Perhaps you’re an architect, for example, and need optimum surface space to spread out your drawings. Or perhaps you’re a natural minimalist, after a desk that is sleek, streamlined, and understated.

At DAVIDSON, we understand that minds function differently. To maximise your productivity in your home office, you need a desk that is customisable to your specific requirements. We can work with you to help you assemble a workstation that meets the demands of comfort, efficiency, and, of course, design appeal. 

Maybe you can’t bear to have any distractions in view? In that case, we can optimise the storage space with built-in filing drawers, flock-lined compartments for stationary, a built-in ventilated cupboard for concealing computer towers, and cable management to keep untidy wires under control. Or maybe you want it to fit snugly inside an alcove to make the most of a small space? Or below a window so you can enjoy a view as you work? 

Our fitted furniture allows you to adapt designs to your unique interior. Unsure about what would suit your particular space? Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you smoothly through the process for a stress-free experience from start to finish, including a seamless installation at the end of the project.

A home office by Carte Blanche Interiors featuring the Wellington desk and Melrose Coffee Table by Davidson
Interior Design Project by Carte Blanche Interiors
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Keep All Untidy Wiring Out Of Sight

Today, almost no office is free of computers. And where you find electronic devices, you inevitably find cables. Even if you prefer to go old-school with just paper and pen, you’re going to have a table lamp or two.

And the fact is, wiring is unattractive. No one ever looked at a mass of cables and felt aesthetically fulfilled. A tidy desk encourages a tidy mind. And a tidy mind encourages increased productivity.

Tangled wires can ruin a streamlined workspace even if the rest of the tabletop is uncluttered.

DAVIDSON’s range of writing desks can be designed with cable management solutions so you can keep that unsightly wiring out of sight, out of mind, and out of the way.

If the table is free-standing in the centre of the room, it can be created with two grommet holes with the wires fed down the pedestal leg and behind the drawers, exiting at the bottom through a small hole where they can plug into a floor socket.

If you plan for your desk to go against a wall, the same method can be applied or you may decide you want to have a modesty panel to conceal any wires running down the back of the desk. 

Interior Design Project by Taylor Howes

An Efficient Working Study Needs Sufficient Storage

On the same note, you want to hide away any office clutter so that there is nothing in your line of sight when you are concentrating on a sensitive email or joining a Zoom meeting with important clients.

Research has proven that a tidy work area encourages clarity of mind. Scientists at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have shown that our brains respond especially well to order, while disorganisation drains our cognitive resources and ability to focus.

Designate each object in your office its own home. At the end of the workday, return it to this place. This way you can stay organised and when you need something in a hurry, you’ll know exactly where to look.

This is easier to do if you have plenty of storage options. Our desks offer several storage solutions that are just as stylish as they are functional. For example, our chest of drawers can be customised according to your particular needs and finished to match the desk. 

Davidson’s Fitted Design Service offers the option of a fully fitted home office, as seen above, offering fitted shelving, cupboards, and panelling for the ultimate luxury office design. 

A home office design by Smiros and Smiros featuring a Mortimer Desk by Davidson
Interior Design Project by Smiros & Smiros

A Comfortable Desk Needs A Comfortable Chair

A comfortable chair that makes sitting still pleasant is a real investment. After all, you’re going to be spending a significant portion of each day seated. Let’s be honest; none of us needs another excuse to settle down on the sofa.

The right chair will solve a multitude of struggles. It will reduce discomfort, and promote focus, concentration and productivity. It will also allow you to convey your exceptional design taste in the process. Because chairs don’t have to be purely functional. You can find a comfortable seat that also adds elegance and sophistication to your study.

Our handsome Charlton Chair offers a more traditional profile, conveying the prestige and dignity befitting of a room designated for work. Or the highly work-friendly Morton Chair, similarly pared-back, and with a generous seat that makes it ideal for use as an office chair.  Finally, we’re convinced that the Brunswick Chair could dazzle in many home offices with its shimmering fabric from Armani Casa and alluring wing-shaped backrest.

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Make Your Office Your Own

At the end of the day, your office should say something about who you are. It should reflect your unique personality and, give you pleasure to be in. This means not solely investing in functional furnishings. Allow yourself some more whimsical additions too; those decorative non-essentials that catch your eye.

At the end of the day, your office should say something about who you are. It should reflect your unique personality and, give you pleasure to be in. This means not solely investing in functional furnishings. Allow yourself some more whimsical additions too; those decorative non-essentials that catch your eye.

Statement or playful artwork is a good place to start. It conveys something about your taste as well as encouraging an imaginative mindset as you get down to work. 

Good lighting is not only vital to prevent eye strain but also a great opportunity to express your design preferences. Our favourite lamps are by Ed Butcher, as styled on our Mortimer Desk. Or you might want to keep desk space to a maximum, opting instead for an Ed Butcher floor lamp, for the ultimate desk lighting aesthetic.

The psychological benefits of adding plants to your home office are often cited – and with good reason. Humans have an innate affinity for nature and bringing plants into our indoor spaces has a positive impact on both mental and physical well-being. Adding succulents or an orchid to your desk could be a good place to start. 

Other optional additions include a vase of wildflowers. Check out those vases by Bonadea for inspiration. We particularly like the Calinda Round Vase by Aerin. A desk clock is another useful feature, or an artisan dish to hold knick-knacks. Finally, pick out a selection of your favourite books to stack on your desk. You can flick through them when in need of creative breakthroughs. 

If you’re considering refreshing or creating a luxurious and stylish home office space and would like expert advice on choosing the right pieces for the room, or to discuss what our fitted design service may offer, contact DAVIDSON London by contacting sales@davidsonlondon.com or calling +44(0) 207 751 5537.

Productivity | The Eclipse Home Office Collection in Macassar ebony
The Eclipse Home Office
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