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The Wanderlust Collection


Adventure Awaits

After being cooped up for weeks on end, with our freedom snatched away from us overnight it seemed, the whole nation has been consumed with Wanderlust. An intense yearning to travel and to indulge the senses.

At a time when we might eagerly be planning our next exotic hideaway, city escapade or luxurious family retreat, we have had no choice but to forsake experiences that largely contribute to our sense of fulfilment.


The Wanderlust Collection is the result of a concept between Alexandra Davidson, Managing Director, and Alexander Webb, Head of Creative, who drew inspiration from beautiful and iconic parts of the world that they held personally close and special to their heart. This was depicted by the rich and vibrant choice of colours that they were associated with and evoked a strong sense of reminiscence and sensuality.

The collection comes in a modern and trend-setting array of colours, sizes and shapes which gives the client a unique and exciting opportunity to build their own design. The vibrant choice of colours signify a new direction for Davidson and were carefully chosen to re-invigorate and re-energise in a range of contemporary silhouettes delivered within 6 weeks, half the time of Davidson’s usual production window, and at a price range that made this collection much more available to a younger market.

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