How to Design a Luxurious Entertainment Room

Interior Design Project by Sixty3 London

Entertainment rooms have dramatically evolved to reach a new level of luxury, featuring everything from cinema theatres to DJ booths and fully-fledged bars. They’re all about empowering you to have as much fun staying in as going out, making space for indulgence and escape.

Whether it’s fun-filled family gatherings or elegant parties with friends, a luxury entertainment room is the perfect space to host. Recreation room, media room, games room – call it what you will, an entertainment room is all about socializing and having a good time.

Luxury entertainment rooms prioritise comfort and functionality, offering a space that’s consciously designed for optimal enjoyment. Indeed, the best luxury entertainment rooms are aesthetically spectacular. They’re spaces where clients can let their creativity and imagination run riot with a definite more is more philosophy.

We believe it’s time to discover why the entertainment room is the new heart of the home, so here are our 9 top tips for creating a luxurious entertainment room.

The Wanderlust Side Table
Interior Design Project by Oliver Burns

Create a Warm Welcome

When choosing colours for your entertainment room, aim to create a mood of tranquillity and comfort. Choose shades that are inviting and understated. Neutrals with warm undertones are elegant and pleasing options. Light and muted colours can also help a room to feel spacious—ideal if you often have lots of guests in a space.

That said, if your personal style errs towards maximalism, feel free to go for bold and dramatic colours too. Evening soirees in an entertainment room decorated in dark, glossy, and jewel shades can be high-impact and memorable.

Either way, add interest to your colour scheme by combining it with different textures and patterns to bring depth and atmosphere. This could take the form of geometric cushions, house plants, ornaments in organic materials, or statement lighting.

Interior Design Project by Base Interior, Photography by Christopher Horwood

Comfortable, Functional & Stylish Furniture

A combination of different seating options—armchairs, sofas, bar stools, and banquettes—allows for flexibility depending on the occasion, whether it’s a social gathering or a Netflix session.

Deep sofas and armchairs are perfect for home cinemas. Or opt for a 70s influence with the DAVIDSON Boulevard Chair in striking coral. It’s bold, eye-catching, and also very comfortable. For a more formal feel, try the Morton Chair, perfect for refined drinks parties.

Then take your pick from DAVIDSON’s elegant range of coffee tables, the perfect place to display books or place drinks or the all-important popcorn buckets for movie marathons.

Thick, heavy pile carpets are a smart move in an entertainment room as they help with insulation and improve sound quality. Should you wish to create a complete home cinema experience, decorative acoustic tiles not only benefit the sound quality, but also act as a dramatic design feature. 

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The Eclipse Home Office
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Invest in Stylish Storage

A set of design-forward sideboards do the trick perfectly. DAVIDSON has a range of gorgeous cabinets for you to choose from, from the dark-chocolate-coloured Hudson Sideboard to the gleaming five-door Palisades as well as the Montpelier Sideboard which offers extra storage compartments in the form of five drawers.

The Art Deco-inspired Hilgate Sideboard is the perfect option if glamour is top of your priority list while the four-door Abstract Sideboard, available in an array of compelling finishes, offers serious contemporary cool.

Additionally, you might opt for a set of shelves, such as the Eclipse Alcove Unit, designed to fit into the space on either side of a fireplace, adding versatile storage and display space. The Ebury Media Unit is another uniquely elegant choice.

Interior Design Project by Elicyon, Photography by Michael Sinclair
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Experiment with the Layout

The layout of your entertainment room will depend on the focus of your activities. If you plan to use the room primarily for watching movies, then the TV will be the centrepiece and you’ll want to arrange the seating for optimal viewing.

If your entertainment room is designed as a party destination, then it’s all about creating a space that encourages flow, with people able to move from one place to another as needed, sitting or standing with ease.

Consider creating zones for different activities, and demarcating areas using rugs, low sideboards, or sofas. You might have one section for games, another for the home cinema, and another for drinks and conversation.

Interior Design Project by Balleroy
Interior Design Project by Carte Blanche Interior Design

Think about the Lighting

Lighting in an entertainment room should be flexible. Lights that you can dim allow you to change the mood depending on the event. A combination of recessed lights, wall sconces, standing lamps, and overhead lamps creates the necessary ambience.

Consider investing in a stand-out suspended light to hang over the pool table, for example, or over your home bar to mimic the real deal. Eye-catching wall lighting can also serve as an interior design statement while lighting wired into shelves turns them into a display. 

Interior Design Project by Design Intervention

Add a Games Table

Some contemporary residences feature entertainment rooms with table tennis tables, table football, or pool tables.

But we’re tempted to opt for something a little more traditional and refined such as the Aldridge Games Table, designed for playing chess, backgammon, and card-playing. With its traditional glamour, it’s a unique addition to a modern entertainment room and offers a pastime that’s a little more elevated for your guests to enjoy.  

There’s also the Grafton Games Table, which provides a card-playing area, and the Babington Games Table.

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Add the Gadgets

A 21st-century entertainment room nearly always features a TV. So do you go all out with a home cinema set-up? Or opt for something more adaptable like a projector that can be put away when not in use?

Consider the size of the room and how many people are likely to be viewing at any one time. There should also be the right amount of space between the seats and the screen.

High-quality audio is obviously essential so invest in a state-of-the-art sound system. Smaller entertainment rooms could get away with a soundbar while larger rooms might require a multi-speaker system. A retro jukebox is a fun addition while audiophiles might want a record player too.

"When it comes to luxury entertainment rooms, there are no rules. Feel free to indulge and splash out on the most exciting, inspiring, excessive, indulgent, and, of course, entertaining additions you can think of." 

Alexandra Davidson, Managing Director

Don't Forget the Drinks

If your vision of your luxury entertainment room includes a speak-easy vibe, then you’ll definitely want a home bar. DAVIDSON’s Vesper Home Bar is the ultimate in high-end home boozing with its timber finish, elegant brass trimming, and sumptuous Nero Assoluto black granite. You’ve got plenty of adjustable glass shelves as well as an antiqued mirror for the authentic drinking establishment experience.

There’s also the DAVIDSON Collins collection, featuring a cocktail cabinet with two wings to house an extensive wine collection. For something slightly less extravagant but no less stylish, try the Galaxy Drinks Cabinet with its glorious liquid bronze panels.

The Collins Cocktail Cabinet & Cellar
The Vesper Home Bar

Add Accessories

Styling your entertainment room with carefully chosen accents and accessories is the final step. Ultimately, it’s an individual choice. You might want to keep it sleek and pared-back with just one or two large paintings and minimal knick-knacks. Or you might favour excess, extravagance, and spectacle, with lots of playful artwork and accessories.

For an entertainment room that will mainly serve as a retreat for ‘me-time’, stack the shelves with books so you can curl up with a novel and a glass of wine. Add plants to create a calm and serene atmosphere.

For entertainment rooms that are destined to host parties most weekends of the month, consider stand-out additions like dance floors, disco balls, and maybe even a jacuzzi—why not? Other unique investments include a bowling alley or retro arcade games.

Adding musical instruments for a spontaneous jam session is a fun idea. As for families, why not consider creating a soft-play area for young kids? Or a special nook where older children can hang out and read, watch movies, or play games?

Interior Design Project by Oliver Burns as part of House of Walpole

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