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Step onboard the luxurious MY 1K, previously known as the Mangusta Veyron. She has recently undergone an extensive six-month refurbishment by Interior Design and Yacht Studio, Sturge Toth to achieve a complete transformation. The client expressed dissatisfaction with the superyacht’s original tones, materials, and level of luxury.  With a focus on maximising entertainment features and integrating multi-functional bespoke furniture, Sturge Toth has successfully created spaces that facilitate vibrant social activities while also offering privacy and intimate entertainment areas.

The owner envisioned a full scope, major rebuild of his newly purchased mangusta, and was very ambitious to develop something truly unique. We listened closely to all intentions and wishes and translated many ideas into first drafts and bespoke design creations within an enhanced General Arrangement.

Sturge Toth

Guided by the client’s request to create something truly unique on this Mangusta, the interior design features strong contrasts of black and white monochromatic and ivory tones, as well as combinations of soft and hard materials. As a result, all original bleached wood and grey leather panelling were removed, and a distinct character was meticulously crafted for the yacht.

The main objective was to develop a holistic interior design concept centred around a new layout that was more suited to the owner’s lifestyle while keeping key original structures intact. The entire interior was replaced with tailor-made furnishings and a carefully curated selection of materials and bespoke decorative patterns. 

Despite the transformation, Sturge Toth ensured that natural light still permeates the space with the use of gloss finishes and mirrors, allowing sunlight to bounce and reflect throughout the room. Additionally, they have created an atmospheric mood throughout the entire interior, evoking the magic beauty of the golden hour during evening and nighttime. Warmly backlit quartz tops were used extensively to enhance the ambience and add a touch of lasting charm.

Functionality and storage space was also taken into account, evident in the design of the dominant Roman-inspired columns that seamlessly transform into 3D curves, enveloping and complementing the ceiling section. These columns beautifully mirror a bespoke black lacquer table, a dining table for the formal interior dining area. DAVIDSON was delighted to contribute to this new monochromatic design, where six Archer Chairs sit gracefully around this striking centrepiece.

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