The Luxurious Essentials That Every Home Bar Should Have

There’s only one thing better than a beautifully designed home bar, a well-stocked home bar. 

Creating a home bar is one thing, but ensuring you have the very best of what you need to create a memorable evening is quite another. From the perfect olive to garnish your dirty martini with to the very best glass to drink it from, this is your one-stop shop for everything your ultimate home bar needs. 

The Hard Stuff

In the words of Mark Twain, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” 

So, with those words ringing in our ears we turn our attention to the (liquid) beating heart of any bar, spirits. From the smoothest Vodka to the most deliciously smokey Mezcal, these are the essentials to build your ultimate bar around. 

Shaken, Not Stirred

Even though all of these spirits are delicious enough to drink totally unadulterated (which we’d particularly suggest for the Caol Ila Scotch and Del Maguey mezcal) what makes a true cocktail is a great quality companion liquor.

The Mixologist’s Mixers Of Choice

Is there anything more satisfying than the fizz of a crisp gin and tonic, or more transportive than an icy dark ‘n’ stormy cocktail? A top-notch drink requires a top-notch mixer. 

Handpainted Persian Flower No. 3 Tumbler from Bonadea

No Thanks, I’m Driving

Alcohol Free? With a world of alcohol free options nowadays this shouldn’t mean you enjoy your home bar any less. Here are some of our favourite alternatives.

Ice, And A Slice

If alcohol is the leading lady, then surely quality ice is the supporting actor who steals the show? Easy to get wrong, and oh-so-fabulous when done well. Wow your guests by going the extra mile with something they won’t expect. 

For Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

For The Perfect Ice Ball

For XL Ice Cubes

Tools Of The Trade

Any barkeep worth their salt will tell you, it’s all about the gear. Superb quality, long-lasting barware will not only elevate your drink, but the entire making experience. 

A Great Drink Needs The Perfect Glass

Have you ever drunk a martini from a mug? No, although there is something quite chic about the idea, the perfect drink demands the perfect vessel.

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