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Nestled in the heart of London, The Cleveland, a 915 square foot luxury Pied-à-Terre, has recently undergone a complete transformation at the skilled hands of Interior Designer Morpheus & Co. Eager to craft a space radiating comfort and warmth across all seasons. The clients envisioned an ambience reminiscent of a luxurious hotel experience in the home. The Morpheus & Co design team approached this historic building with a keen sensitivity, preserving its original grandeur while creating the small luxury apartment. 

Embodying the client’s love for classic cars and a penchant for hotel-style opulence, the interior boasts vibrant accents of mustard, petrol blue, and warm metal tones. This carefully chosen palette reflects personal preferences and adds a touch of timeless luxury to this luxury Pied-à-Terre.

In line with Morpheus & Co’s dedication to sustainability, collaborations were prioritised with British craftspeople deeply rooted in heritage values. This conscious decision embraced British-led design and significantly reduced the project’s carbon footprint. Ensuring smooth project management of this small luxury apartment. The outcome is a seamless blend of comfort, historical reverence, and eco-conscious design at the Cleveland.

Adding playfulness and personality to the living area of this London Pied-à-Terre is a Console Table, Sideboard and a Coffee table from Davidson.

Morpheus & Co

A Pied-à-Terre of Classic, Contemporary Elegance

Drawing inspiration from the building’s historical architecture and its Pall Mall location, as well as the owner’s love for vintage cars. Morpheus & Co has skillfully blended classic and contemporary elements. A neutral palette allows for cohesion and a thoughtful flow throughout the confined space. Maximising the potential of this luxury Pied-à-Terre.

The open plan living, dining, and kitchen area has been artfully designed, featuring a bespoke high bar table. The oak table, adorned with champagne accents, exudes sophistication, complemented by  bar stools that introduce height and depth to the space. A run of full-height kitchen units enhances the illusion of space, achieving a sleek aesthetic with their white gloss finish. The warm taupe leather upholstery of the bar stools seamlessly integrates with the countertops, creating a harmonious unity in the space.

Intentionally demarcated living and dining zones come to life with the strategic placement of the three-seater sofa and Davidson’s Albany Console, an elegant piece with strong Art Deco inspiration and graceful curves. The interplay of rich mustard velvet on accent chairs with the sofa’s angles introduces a softer focal point, while coffee and console tables from Davidson contribute playfulness and personality. Statement lamps from Porta Romana and Kelly Wearstler pick up similar amber-coloured tones, creating a sense of cohesiveness that flows throughout the various spaces. The Cleveland truly stands as a showcase of refined design, where the concept of Pied-à-Terre is seamlessly woven into every carefully curated detail.

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The Living Area features the Albany Console Table

About Morpheus & Co

With a heritage spanning over 25 years, Morpheus & Co is renowned for its association with luxury, solidifying their position as a London-based brand with global appeal. Morpheus & Co boasts a well-established record of collaborating seamlessly with partners and clients, to create signature designs that are timeless and unique. A diverse portfolio of services has propelled the brand onto the international stage, working on a huge variety of real estate and hospitality projects throughout London, the wider UK, Europe, America, and the Far East, connected by a common thread of creative flair and impeccable delivery.

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